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Nalanda was the first school in Morbi to start the concept of a day residential school. Most of the credits of the current position of Nalanda go to the day residential system.
In today’s modern era parents are busy in their schedule. They have no quality time to take care of their children’s education. Even they are not able to guide them due to continuously changing education scenario in Gujarat and India. Because of that the child revolves between two poles – Education environment and External environment and becomes negligent towards study.
Day school is the best option for holistic development of child in which child gets all co-curricular activities and sports with education in one campus under the guidance of specialized teachers.
Here at Nalanda, our education system has many aspects like -
  1. Learner Centered
  2. Interactive teaching – learning process
  3. Learning by doing use of 3H ( hand , heart , head )
  4. Use of Latest educational technology by best combination of east-west
  5. Proper division and utilization of time for all round integral development of the child
  6. Student – teacher ratio low , continuous inbuilt in service training of teachers
  7. Not only information but formation
  8. More of application than memorization
  9. Challenge for the fast learner and cater to the needs of slow learner.


We use number of different teaching methods for educating disciples most them can be categorized into the following -

Explanation: Explaining is the process of teaching by giving spoken explanations of the subject that is to be learned. Lecturing is often accompanied by visual aids to help students visualize an object or problem.The school has state of the art multimedia lab that helps teacher to explain the subject deeply and students to understand the same.
Demonstration: Demonstrating is the process of teaching through examples or experiments. We use our well-equipped experiment labs for experiments so that the students can relate the learning form textbook to real life. Demonstrations help to raise student interest and reinforce memory retention because they provide connections between facts and real-world applications of those facts.
Collaborating: Collaboration allows students to actively participate in the learning process by talking with each other and listening to other points of view. Collaboration establishes a personal connection between students and the topic of study and it helps students think in a less personally biased way. Group projects and discussions are examples of this teaching method. Teachers may employ collaboration to assess student’s abilities to work as a team, leadership skills, or presentation abilities.
Learning By Teaching: In this method we encourage students to play role of teacher for certain amount of time thus making him learn and understand the subject and also communicating the same to other.

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